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"Apple HomePod Mini Wall Mount The first socket holder specially designed for Apple HomePod Mini generation on the market (device and plug not included), please note: we attach the groove of the Apple HomePod Mini mainly to the carry arm. The double-sided tape is only an auxiliary function. You can look at our second picture. We guarantee that the proper operation can be completely solved
Special design: base and dual wall use specially designed for Apple HomePod Mini generation. Install your speakers on the wall and table top and enjoy anywhere in the room.
Save Space Cable Management - Great option to mount your Apple HomePod Mini Generation directly to the wall. Free up counter space and hide the original long cable. Don't worry about your actions being blocked by annoying cables
EASY TO INSTALL - 2 screws for easy installation, installation will install your speaker in minutes. Beards are attached to the side to prevent the speaker from falling off, even when you install the down head speaker.
Save space: suitable for kitchen, office, living room, bathroom and other occasions. Product name, special base and 2 in 1 wall mount, compatible with Apple HomePod Mini."
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