Licorice Root

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Made with 2000 mg of licorice root,
It can be used as a nutritional supplement or externally for the skin.

Use it for the skin:

It renews skin cells and works to quickly replace damaged cells, as the acids contained in it keep the skin fresh and young and rid it of dead skin.
Drops of licorice extract can be added to moisturizing oils, body exfoliating mixtures, moisturizing and skin-lightening creams, and butters.
It treats pimples, acne, or any other infections and treats fungi that appear on the skin because it contains anti-inflammatory elements.
Protects the skin from sun damage
It has the ability to get rid of dark spots on the skin and skin pigmentation
It works to unify and lighten skin tone and whiten it naturally because it contains skin exfoliating and cell renewing substances.
It reduces redness and irritation of the skin and protects it from dryness
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