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Super easy setup: Scan the code, and all is done. The standard and simple protocol makes it easier to implement and use Matter devices.
Strong players support: The Matter protocol is led by major eco-platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and more than 500 global companies joining in with rich applications and products.
Powerful interoperability: This Matter plug can connect to all applications, control all devices, and even connect to all cloud services. (Specialized in matter protocol)
Strong security: Matter gives the device strong security with proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and every message is protected. And it is completely local architecture. Never worry about security again.
Multi-admin feature: It provides for simultaneous operation in multiple smart home systems. How you want to combine and operate your device is up to you.
System requirement: Existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Smartphone running iOS 16.1 or later or Android 8.1 or later.
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