Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions and privacy policy for using Basit platform, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions, the user indicates their understanding, agreement to, and acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. 


1) The user confirms their eligibility according to the laws of the residence country to sign all types of contracts, particularly selling and purchasing contracts, user also agrees to their eligibility to be responsible for any legal obligations and consequences. 


2) All the data registered by the user during creating an account in Basit platform has to be correct, in addition, the user shall bear any legal responsibility in case of incorrect information.


3) When the user completes the registration process in Basit’s platform it gives the platform’s administration the full authority to contact them when needed, based on the user’s given data.


4) The user accepts to give full authority to use and analyze their data for improving and developing Basit’s platform or for marketing purposes.


5) In case the user’s account is misused in any way according to Basit’s platform administration, the platform has the right to cancel or stop the user's account and the user can’t object to it.


6) In the matter of Replacement and return policy, law, No. 8 of 2008 on consumer protection applies.


7.1) Basit’s platform provides different options for delivering the products, such as Basit provided delivery, other registered delivery companies, or by the store itself.

7.2) The delivery mechanism and delivery duration will be determined clearly for the user before completing the order process.


8) Delivery fees for orders that shall be delivered by the platform are QAR 20, while the delivery companies shall determine the fees and it will be stated in the platform before completing the process of the order. 

While returning fees are QAR 50. (What is meant by orders returning is when the user wants to return a product to the store for any reason or by agreement with the store).


9) The delivery duration shall be within a maximum of 48 hours after the order is prepared, the user has the right to refuse to receive the product in case it exceeds the maximum delivery time.


10.1) The user has the right to cancel the order before it’s approved (before preparation). While for orders that under preparation or ready for delivery, the cancelation process, in this case, depends on the stores' approval, especially for 

consumable products.

10.2) In case of prepaid order cancelations, the refund shall be deposited in the user's electronic wallet.


11) Basit platform has the right to retain the data given by the user during the registration including personal data, contact numbers, delivery location, and other data including data exchanged while using the 



12) Prices are determined by the store with no interference by Basit platform. The user agrees to the price by completing the order and is ready to pay the amount. 


13.1) Basit’s platform provides prepaid electronic service, electronic wallet service, and cash on delivery.

13.2) Payments deposited or transferred in an electronic wallet can’t be refunded either in cash or bank account transfer, so the user has to spend it on the platform.


14) In case of offers or discounts, the platform is obliged to announce them to the users.


15) The user agrees that the platform can cancel the order in case of user inaccessibility.


16) Basit’s platform disclaims its responsibility for any emergency or sudden events that affect the receipt and delivery of the order, the user accepts on disclaims the platform's responsibility for any delay due to force majeure, and can’t claim against the platform in this case.


17) We are the exclusive owner of Basit, and it’s not authorized for others to use our trade name or trademark in any way for any purpose.


18) The laws of the State of Qatar, and the Qatari courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising between the user and the platform.


19) These terms are subjected to change, and the user must follow up on any update